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News: McObject Releases New Video: "Pipelining" Vector-Based Statistical Functions for Low Latency in Financial Applications

2039 days ago,(2013/07/25) - McObject

News: Esprow introduces support for SWIFT MT/MX messaging to the Nozomi Enterprise Testing Platform

1649 days ago,(2014/08/19) - Esprow

News: Diablo Technologies Disrupts Latency and Performance Metrics for the Enterprise with Introduction of New Memory Channel Flash Solution

2026 days ago,(2013/08/07) - Diablo Technologies

News: Azul Systems Launches Zing™ Platform Edition with WebSphere® Application Server

2111 days ago,(2013/05/14) - Azul Systems

News: Intilop to Exhibit New TCP Offload Engine at HPC Wall Street

2349 days ago,(2012/09/18) - Intilop

News: Accelize Announces XP7V690LP-40G Ultra-Low Latency Adapter Card

2353 days ago,(2012/09/14) - Accelize

News: BittWare's Newest Stratix V FPGA Board Now Available for High Frequency Trading Applications

2362 days ago,(2012/09/05) - BittWare

News: ACCELIZE announces XP5S620LP-40G low profile FPGA network accelerator card

2432 days ago,(2012/06/27) - Accelize

News: Thomson Reuters Adds Psychological Analysis to Machine Readable News

2432 days ago,(2012/06/27) - Thomson Reuters

News: BittWare Expands Value-Add for the Fintec Market Incorporating Intilop's full TCP Offload on Altera Boards

2440 days ago,(2012/06/19) - BittWare

News: BittWare Expands Altera Stratix V FPGA-based PCIe COTS Board Family for Applications in HFT

2523 days ago,(2012/03/28) - BittWare

News: BittWare Delivers State-of-the-art FPGA Boards for High Frequency Trading

2593 days ago,(2012/01/18) - BittWare

News: Fundamental Interactions Deploys First Virtualized ATS and Broker Matching Engine Platform on the Options PIPE® Private Financial Cloud

2629 days ago,(2011/12/13) - Fundamental Interactions