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Trisha Gee wrote a new blog post titled Why is it News when a woman become CEO?

I'm pleased to see that GM has hired the "best person for the job" as their new CEO - that does seem like a good idea.  I'm happy her gender did not get in the way.  What makes me uncomfortable is the international news coverage of the decision of this large manufacturer to hire a woman as their CEO - if she were a man (and/or black/gay/disabled) would the headline read "The camera loves her. So do employees."?But at the root of that is probably the thing I'm most unhappy about.  What I'm not happy about is that it is 2014, halfway through the second decade of the 21st...
(1945 days ago,(2014/01/20))

Trisha Gee wrote a new blog post titled Goodbye 2013, you were good to me...

Well, if I thought 2012 was the fastest disappearing year on record, that record was smashed into the ground by 2013.  What a year!  And because I didn't manage to write this on time to publish elsewhere, I can do a more personal reflection of the year here on my very own blog.Apparently, reading over last year's article, I had goals for 2013:Get more involved in schools/mentoring. Yeah... That didn't happen. I don't think I even made a single Meet a Mentor event this year, which is an excellent, really lightweight way of mentoring in London, and I'm sorry I was unable to...
(1963 days ago,(2014/01/02))

Trisha Gee wrote a new blog post titled YOW

December disappeared in a rush of vacation and a fleeting tour of Australia.  It's hard to believe that it's the eve of Christmas Eve already, it's almost impossible to feel Christmassy when you're getting sunburnt on a boat and seeing people in swim-suits wearing santa hats.  A mid-winter festival (complete with trees and fake snow) just feels very odd in summer.I cannot take Christmas seriously in this weatherYOW! is a unique conference, in that it's the same agenda in three different cities: Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.  It seems to me that this is a great way to...
(1973 days ago,(2013/12/23))