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Tick42, formerly known as DOT (Dealing Object Technology), has long experience of working with market data, desktops and trading systems in both Linux and Windows, providing developers and end-users with powerful tools and applications, backed by extensive knowledge of trading and support requirements. It has been involved in many of the milestones of market data technology, including: PTW, the first Reuters’ Windows workstation; Rtt, the first object oriented toolkit for VB and COM access to market data; and EasyScreen, the widely used derivatives platform.
Tick42 has a long term, strategic commitment to OpenMAMA. It is an active member and the only pure software vendor on the steering committee. Also, we cooperate with Wombat to ensure compatibility between Enterprise and Open MAMA versions using our bridges.
Tick42 produced the first OpenMAMA bridges for Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, deployed at Tier 1 investment banks.
Tick42 delivers projects and products to a wide range of investment banks, hedge funds, on-line trading firms and technology providers on both the sell-side and buy-side of the markets. Its powerful Excel add-in, RttXL uses OpenMAMA and high performance adaptors to link to Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Solace and other platforms.  Its metrics and application collaboration tools increase efficiency, visibility and control, helping with cost-optimisation, governance and compliance
The combination of extensive market data platform and API experience, deep OpenMAMA skills and proven products, make Tick42 your first call for product, support and custom development for cohesive market data applications


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