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Symmetricom® provides ultra precise end-to-end IP timing synchronization solutions for financial service firms and stock exchanges involved in high-speed, low-latency trading who require precise time stamping at the application layer. Symmetricom’s HFT solutions have been optimized to be resilient to network related time errors and provide nanosecond caliber accuracy.

Precise and accurate time is increasingly critical to the success of many high-speed, low-latency trading systems. Whether it is improving the time stamp accuracy on archived data for algorithm optimization, or synchronizing the time between trading servers in a rack or around the world for trading risk management and performance monitoring, precise time is a key enabler of better performance. In this trading technology arms race, Symmetricom delivers the end-to-end precise time synchronization solutions needed to maintain competitiveness and gain competitive advantage.


News: Symmetricom Expands End-to-End HFT Timing Portfolio with High-Performance Gigabit Ethernet Synchronization

2386 days ago,(2012/09/11) - Symmetricom

News: Symmetricom Announces Highest Accuracy Timing Solution to Improve Profitability of High-Speed Trading Systems

2548 days ago,(2012/04/02) - Symmetricom

News: Altera Selects Symmetricom as its Synchronization Technology Partner

2583 days ago,(2012/02/27) - Symmetricom