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Steve Wilcockson wrote a new blog post titled Embracing alternative data – a three-stage approach for Portfolio Managers

By Steve Wilcockson, Geospatial Insight In the quest for alpha, a growing number of portfolio managers have been exploring the esoteric world of alternative data. Some forms, such as sentiment data based on terabytes of news texts and social media, are well established and have matured to the point of securing devoted followings. Other forms, such as satellite imagery that sheds light on industrial, commercial, consumer and agricultural activity, have had provisional successes but are not yet mainstream. What they all have in common is the prospect of trading insights that are only...
(154 days ago,(2018/11/22))

Steve Wilcockson wrote a new blog post titled Beautiful Curves, Graph Theory and “Tech Debt”

By Steve Wilcockson, Industry Manager - Financial Services at The MathWorks Last week, I attended three great industry collaborative events in London, each providing a diverse and distinct lens on model-based financial technology. Applying Chatham House Rules, I’ll try to summarise each event’s highlights which in turn addressed Risk management, particularly curves, reflecting business (compliance) and quant best practices Probabilistic graph theory, reflecting model, analytics and algorithmic innovation Non-functional requirements, including “tech debt”,...
(1511 days ago,(2015/03/06))

Steve Wilcockson uploaded a media item titled SW8 (1511 days ago,(2015/03/06))



Steve Wilcockson 1511 days ago,(2015/03/06)          


Steve Wilcockson 1511 days ago,(2015/03/06)          


Steve Wilcockson 1511 days ago,(2015/03/06)