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Short Description: Solace Systems provides hardware-based messaging solutions that let companies efficiently distribute data to desktop, enterprise and mobile applications with higher performance and at lower cost than alternatives. The foundation of Solace’s solution is a turnkey appliance that’s available in two sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. Solace has been deployed as the basis for high-speed trading infrastructure by a wide range of hedge funds, prop trading firms, investment banks, exchanges and financial information providers in co-location facilities, within datacenters and across wide area networks.

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Solace 3200 Series messaging middleware appliances help companies increase the speed of their IT infrastructure by 10 to 100 times, improve the manageability of their system, and reduce costs. Solace’s appliances support reliable, guaranteed, MQ-style, IPC and JMS messaging over LANs, WANs and the web. All messaging capabilities and classes of service are accessible and manageable through Solace’s unified API and administration framework.  

By supporting ultra low latency messaging for market data distribution and guaranteed messaging for trade related data as part of a unified platform, Solace’s high-performance messaging solution can help financial institutions accelerate their trading systems while reducing their complexity and cost.

  • Faster market data in the front office: Each Solace appliance can deliver more than 17 million market data messages per second, efficiently filtering and forwarding market data to traders and trading engines so they each gets precisely the data it needs.
  • Faster, more reliable trading: Solace’s high-performance messaging solution supports the delivery of over 200,000 guaranteed messages per second with low-predictable latency, enabling high-volume transactions among the myriad of front, middle and back-office applications such as order management, risk management and compliance.
  • Accelerated wide-area distribution: Solace appliances include many built-in WAN optimizations allowing higher throughput information sharing across geographically distributed locations. For example, Solace can increase WAN data throughput up to 30 times over software messaging when synchronizing risk information or directing market data between market centers like New York, London and Tokyo.
  • Lower costs: Reliable messaging, guaranteed messaging and wide area network optimization are typically handled by three distinct solutions running as independent deployments. Solace consolidates these high-performance messaging functions, enabling the replacement of dozens of general purpose middleware servers, software licenses and associated network ports per Solace device.
  • Improved visibility: Solace’s solution tracks performance and usage statistics on a per-client basis with no impact on throughput or latency. This includes visibility into statistics that are difficult or impossible to get in multicast environments, such as queue depths and message rates by client application, network behavior, and distribution link failures.


News: Akuna Capital Selects Solace Systems as Messaging Backbone of Global Trading System

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