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Regulation Matters (Fidessa) wrote a new blog post titled What’s missing from ESMA’s report?

By Christian Voigt Yesterday saw the publication of ESMA’s long-awaited report on the technical standards for MiFID II / MiFIR. As well as reviewing every single word of this impressive tome – 1,532 pages spread across three documents – we should consider the wider scope and take note of what the report does not cover too. Comparing the drafts from December 2014 and February 2015 with yesterday’s texts, it suggests that ESMA still needs to publish details on some parts of investor protection, commodity position reporting and indirect...
(1303 days ago,(2015/09/29))

Regulation Matters (Fidessa) wrote a new blog post titled MiFID II deadlines under further pressure

By Christian Voigt The European Commission (EC) and ESMA have agreed on an improved process to draft the Level 2 texts for MiFID II. On the back of those discussions, ESMA asked for a 3-month extension on their own deadline to submit draft technical standards and the EC granted it. While the next Level 2 drafts will now not be published until September 2015, the benefit is that further changes are less likely. It is certainly better for everyone that ESMA and the EC avoid a game of legal ping pong. However, ESMA’s statement that this will not delay the...
(1441 days ago,(2015/05/15))

Regulation Matters (Fidessa) wrote a new blog post titled Change is the only constant

By Anne Plested The unbundling of payment for research is a top concern for the industry. There seems to be general acceptance that, one way or another, Europe is set on the soft dollar research market becoming a hard dollar one by January 2017. Despite calls for more clarity and the recent publication of the FCA discussion paper on the regime, opinion remains divided as to how the use of CSAs can evolve to survive as a payment mechanism. There’s no denying widespread change is already underway, in roughly the same direction of travel as MiFID II. This got me...
(1497 days ago,(2015/03/20))

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There's no escaping the waves of regulation affecting every aspect of the financial marketplace. At Fidessa, we're constantly reviewing relevant materials and pulling together key facts, news and industry comment to keep up to date. Through this site, we're making that analysis available to you too. We're adding a bit of our own colour as well, in order to present regulation that matters in a more digestible way, helping you to identify what you have to plan for and what opportunities lie ahead. Scroll along the timeline below to see key regulatory milestones and click through to relevant documents and web sites. 


Christian Voigt

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