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Short Description: SciDB is the database for rapid data sub-setting, fast joins and windows, and massively parallel aggregations to power trade and market making strategies and TCA.

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Joined: October 7th, 2015


Paradigm4’s SciDB – the latest innovation from renowned database researcher and entrepreneur MIT Professor Michael Stonebraker, winner of the Turing award  – is a radically new computational database for mining insights from financial data including trade, quote, and fundamentals. Paradigm4 is changing what’s possible with Big Data by answering bigger, harder questions.


SciDB is a computational database management system designed for managing and analyzing highly dimensional and diverse data.  Key features include:


·       Rapid n-dimensional selects, joins, windowing, aggregation accelerated by our unique MAC™ storage technology

·       Multi-user support while preserving data integrity

·       Transparent, scale-out, massively parallel processing, on premise or in a cloud

·       Scalable, in-database advanced analytics like covariance and PCA

·       Accessible/programmable from R, Python; plus GUIs like R Shiny.

Timestamp, symbol, volume, price, and exchange are natural dimensions for SciDB’s array storage. SciDB’s multidimensional storage turns sliding range selections and aggregates into constant time operations—independent of the database size.

SciDB slices through massive amounts of data fast so teams at leading factor index, prop trading, and hedge funds can easily share data, analyze more, and program less.