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The Trading Mesh

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Short Description: We are a global enterprise data center solutions provider, designed to give our Clients a competitive advantage. We do this through a full suite of end-to-end solutions including the industry’s leading Federated cloud solution offerings.

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OnX Enterprise Solutions wrote a new blog post titled A Collaborative Approach to Testing Infrastructures for Trading

An Interview with Richard Churchill & David Quarrell of OnX Enterprise Solutions By Mike O’Hara, 13th June 2012   Sponsored by OnX Enterprise Solutions   In this interview for the HFT Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Richard Churchill, Vice President Europe and David Quarrell, EMEA Chief Technologist  at OnX Enterprise Solutions, about the latest work of the Technology Consortium they are leading, which has been testing and benchmarking technology for common business requirements in financial trading.   HFT Review: Earlier this year OnX worked with Intel...
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For more than two decades, OnX Enterprise Solutions has focused intently on a singular mission: help its clients achieve exceptional business results.  It does so by designing, building, and managing enterprise data center solutions that help clients accelerate the growth and value of their businesses.

Companies such as Manulife, Research in Motion, Southern Company, and Verizon rely on the team now at OnX to help them objectively analyze their business requirements and apply innovative, effective business and multi-vendor technology solutions to address them.

Today, OnX is a global force in data center solutions.  With clients and operations throughout North America and Europe with strong business alliances in Asia, OnX has the depth and breadth to address the most demanding data and data center challenges of major corporations as well as medium size enterprises and government organizations.

The company is unique in offering clients a comprehensive end-to-end suite of data center solutions and services comprised of multi-vendor technologies in four core unique lines of business:

  • Cloud & Managed Services
  • Digital Services & Applications Development
  • Professional Services & Consulting
  • Hardware & Software Solutions

Not only is OnX one of the world’s largest data center solutions providers, it also offers clients the widest choice of cloud-based solutions, including the only Federated cloud offerings.



News: OnX Enterprise Solutions Collaborates with VDIware to Offer Operationally-priced High-end Solutions to the Trading Industry

1964 days ago,(2013/11/05) - OnX Enterprise Solutions

News: OnX and Technology Consortium announces new members and sets sights on expanded trading functions

2481 days ago,(2012/06/06) - OnX Enterprise Solutions


David Quarrell

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Richard Churchill

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