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Short Description: OneMarketData is a leading provider of tick data management solutions for the financial industry

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OneMarketData wrote a new blog post titled Industry Survey, Momentum Builds for Cloud Services across Capital Markets

  What is it about cloud computing that causes such a disturbance in the force?  The seduction of low-cost yet massive compute power creates overwhelming interest. Yet fears of a too-good-to-be-true offer create an emotional tug-of-war not for the faint hearted. Momentum is building fast within the trading and investment business to benefit from the $18B cloud computing industry.  In a recent OneMarketData survey, respondents overwhelmingly look to avail themselves of all that cloud offers.  Over 77 percent expect to jump headlong into public and/or private cloud...
(2017 days ago,(2013/11/11))

OneMarketData wrote a new blog post titled Information Delivery Finds its Mark in Social Media

  This article was originally published at OneMarketData'a blog, and is reproduced here with permission.   By Louis Lovas In today’s information age, we often take for granted that breaking news stories from across the globe will be delivered to our doorstep in an instance. We have come to expect a deluge of information from radio, television, newspapers and social media to provide not just journalistic coverage of political, business and society’s notable events but also a diversity of viewpoints in social commentary and opinions from the multitudes. But this was...
(2086 days ago,(2013/09/02))

OneMarketData wrote a new blog post titled Industry Survey on the Impact of Social Media on Financial Markets

  Commentary on social media outlets has reached peak levels. This year marks the seventh anniversary of Twitter and tweet volume now exceeds 400 million messages per day. Social media steps over traditional outlets to offer faster news delivery sprinkled with opinions, commentary and perspectives on business activity and political events. One glaring example was the public outrage over Rolling Stone’s now infamous choice for a cover photo.  If Werner Media  the publisher of Rolling Stone magazine was a publicly traded company their stock price would have plummeted...
(2126 days ago,(2013/07/25))


OneMarketData, is a leading provider of software solutions for the financial industry. The OneTick product is a comprehensive suite for tick data management, including complex event processing, analytics and a tick database designed to address the demanding requirements of Big Data in the financial industry. Equity, Futures and Options proprietary traders, hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks can leverage the comprehensive capabilities of OneTick for quantitative research, trade decision modeling and transaction cost analysis against both real-time and historical data. Our comprehensive suite of enterprise-wide tick data analysis & modeling tools, capture & archive storage solutions as well as global reference data is designed specifically to address the requirements of Buy side and Sell side firms. The OneTick architecture and extensive built-in domain expertise offer low integration, operating costs and fast fault-tolerant deployment.



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