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NovaSparks uploaded a media item titled Novalink (1081 days ago,(2016/05/09))

NovaSparks uploaded a media item titled Novasparks deterministic latency (2151 days ago,(2013/06/04))

NovaSparks wrote a new blog post titled Deterministic Latency and Scalability via FPGA Matrix Architecture

An interview with Yves Charles of NovaSparks By Mike O’Hara, 25th June 2012   Sponsored by NovaSparks (    In this interview for the HFT Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Yves Charles, CEO of NovaSparks, an engineering company dedicated to FPGA solutions for Capital Markets. The company uses an FPGA matrix architecture to deliver market data feed handlers and was recently the first to announce a pure FPGA-based Order Book Capability for Cash Equities in the US and Europe.   HFT Review: Yves, welcome to the HFT Review. Your company...
(2495 days ago,(2012/06/25))


NovaSparks is the leader in FPGA-based high performance and ultra-low latency market data solutions for the financial industry. NovaSparks unique FPGA centric approach delivers sub microsecond processing latency including book building, even during market peak periods. Available for over 40 feeds among the major Equity, Futures and Options venues across North America, Europe and Asia, the feed handlers are packaged in ‘easy-to-deploy’ appliances offering an extensive fan-out capability for market data distribution. Founded in 2008 and backed by well-established investors, NovaSparks’ offices are located in Paris, France and New York, USA.

For more information, please contact Barbara Rizzatti at 971-998-9404 or


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NovaSparks 1081 days ago,(2016/05/09)          

Novasparks deterministic latency

NovaSparks 2151 days ago,(2013/06/04)