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Brief description: Managing Director Business Development, Enyx

Joined: August 12th, 2014


Nicolas Karonis wrote a new blog post titled FPGA on the Cloud for the Trading Industry

Introducing the New Normal By Nicolas Karonis, Managing Director Business Development, Enyx   The Cloud has always been associated with flexibility, customized service on demand, no upfront costs, ease of upscaling, no IT footprint and very competitive running costs thanks to the sharing of resources. FPGA in the trading industry has always been associated with unbeatable latency and zero jitter but also very specific and hard to find skillsets, high initial investment costs and high ongoing costs, for maintaining, upgrading or upscaling a platform. Also - and this goes beyond...
(1717 days ago,(2014/08/12))

About me:

Nicolas Karonis has close to 20 years’ experience in the electronic trading industry. He started in the early 90s with GL Trade which was the first company to create a multi-asset multi-currency trading platform in Europe. Based on this success Nicolas left France in late 2000 to lead the technology for GLTrade in Asia. First stop was in Tokyo from 2000 to 2004 and then Sydney where he also managed the local business. Nicolas supervised the growth of connectivity to over 20 electronic markets in Asia and the growth of the network and infrastructure to more than 12 network hubs. Nicolas has always been a driving force for the adoption of new technology leading for instance the GL migration to Linux in the early 2000s’ and being involved in various low latency and FPGA projects in Asia in the last year.