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Short Description: Intelligent Real-Time Network Analysis from 1 GbE to 40 GbE and beyond

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Napatech wrote a new blog post titled Data on demand: Preparing for the next regulatory challenge

  Introduction On 1st June 2017, The Realization Group, together with technology provider Napatech, hosted a round table on the challenge of capturing, storing and accessing trading data. European markets are about to enter a new era:  MiFID II and related measures will require that market participants are able to provide much more data than ever before and regulators are expected to be more demanding in investigating suspicious or irregular trading. In the past, firms had to provide transaction data, but new rules call for quote data as well. The regulations will also apply to a...
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Intelligent Real-time Network Analysis from 1 GbE to 40 GbE and beyond

Napatech develops and markets the world's most advanced programmable network adapters for network traffic analysis and application off-loading. Napatech is the leading OEM supplier of Ethernet network acceleration adapter hardware with an installed base of more than 100,000 ports.

With network traffic increases of 60% per year and increases in Ethernet connectivity speeds, the capabilities of standard network monitoring systems are no longer satisfying customer needs for accurate and reliable measurement and analysis solutions.

OEMs need to cost-effectively deliver solutions to manage critical network services. Napatech offers the technology that delivers hardware acceleration and server off-load increasing the OEMs' ability to maintain their competitive advantage.

Napatech Provides Unmatched Value-add

Our vision is to enable our OEM customers to “reclaim” their server CPU power to maximize their application performance. Our strategy is to deliver Napatech network adapter hardware that can off-load and accelerate many different CPU- and memory-intensive operations.

Napatech's programmable adapter solutions are flexible and scalable. Use of FPGA technology and easy-to-use software driver interfaces enables fast integration and an excellent migration path for next-generation Ethernet connections speeds. Napatech is focused on providing our customers with hardware acceleration solutions, enabling them to stay on the leading edge, while utilizing the flexibility and cost position of standard server equipment and operating systems.

Napatech Customer Focus

Napatech has a strong international focus supporting our customers worldwide. SeeNapatech sales, marketing and R&D offices.


News: Time to ReThink Network Management

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