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The Trading Mesh

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Short Description: Sub-microsecond trading appliances

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Contact telephone: 415.272.5882 for the Western US or (812) 671-9711 for the Eastern US

Joined: December 19th, 2013


Mercury Minerva created a new news channel titled Latest News from Mercury Minerva (1920 days ago,(2013/12/19))


Named after Mercury, the god of financial gain, commerce, and communication; and Minerva the goddess of wisdom, trade, and defense. The combined technology provides the fastest trading, compliance and analytics systems. How to work with MercuryMinerva:

  1. Contact us for a free consultation via the form below or email, call 415.272.5882 for the Western US or (812) 671-9711 for the Eastern US.
  2. If the application requires no customization, appliances may purchased or leased. 
  3. If the application requires some customization or a new exchange protocol, MM will work, under NDA, with your team to develop a deliverables specification and performance target specification.
  4. Sign off on the spec and MM ports your code, or creates an application to your specs and/or trains you on the process.  This ensures your first project is successful and provides training. Most of our clients only need our help once. .



News: Gunslinger HFT System Achieves 750ns Event-Detection-to-Trade Latency using Solarflare AOE with Altera Stratix FPGA

1844 days ago,(2014/03/05) - Mercury Minerva

News: Joint Venture Offers Fast High Frequency Trading System

1920 days ago,(2013/12/19) - Mercury Minerva