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Short Description: IPC: Innovation in Trading Communication

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IPC Solutions Meet Your Business Challenges

IPC‘s decades of experience dedicated to supporting the global institutional trading community means that we have in-depth knowledge about the business challenges you face to maintain and extend your competitive advantage. Today, IPC® taps this deep expertise to deliver the financial services industry’s most flexible, productive, resilient and mobile solutions for integrated trading communications – supporting all your voice and electronic trading transactions.

  • Global Businesses

    As markets become more global, trading systems and voice and data connectivity complexity is multiplied. IPC can help. Our global reach, and the cross-border consistency of our products, services, and – perhaps most importantly – our customer support, can help you manage that complexity.

  • Enterprise Trading

    Many companies offer good “point” solutions to specific problems. But IPC connects those points. We have a holistic understanding of your enterprise and its business goals, developed over the course of decades delivering voice and electronic trading solutions to financial markets participants.

  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

    IPC’s SIP-enhanced network services for voice and electronic trading work together with our IQ/MAX® trader desktops and coreAlliance MX systems infrastructure so that even when real-world events get in the way, your trading communications infrastructure is there for you.

  • Small/Medium Business

    IPC has all the elements you need to jumpstart both voice and electronic trading. Our small business product-and-service bundle is suited to rapid deployment in hedge funds, smaller buy-side firms and other firms with smaller trading floors. We support nimble, fast-moving firms looking to start small and grow with cost-effective and scalable systems just as effectively as we support our large enterprise customers.

  • Productivity

    Because traders must make sense of large streams of fast-changing information and rapidly transform that information into crucial decisions, improvements in their trading tools can lead to large productivity improvements. IPC develops all its products and services with the ultimate goal to increase your traders’ productivity. 

  • Mobility

    In our ultra-connected world, your traders must be ready to work productively whether they are at their desks, visiting other enterprise locations, at home, or in a hotel room. IPC’s infrastructure, tools and applications assure your traders’ mobile readiness.

  • Liquidity

    Today’s financial marketplace is a complex array of trading venues spanning countries, regions and asset classes. IPC can provide you with scalable access to liquidity and execution data quickly and easily.

  • Compliance and Security

    Securing your firm’s communications against outside observation and complying with evolving and varying regulatory environments in all the markets in which your firm participates can be difficult and complex. IPC’s products, tools and services aim to simplify the process for you, while helping you maintain security and compliance everywhere you operate.

  • Professional Services

    Every time we sell a trading system or a network service, it comes with the knowledge, skills and experience needed for your environment to be foolproof on the day it goes live.


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Stephen Crowe

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