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Short Description: Software and hardware for time synchronization, management, monitoring and control

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FSM Labs wrote a new blog post titled ESMA Sub-Nanosecond time standard

By Victor Yodaiken   This article was originally published at the FSMLabs website   ESMA acknowledges however, that at present it may not currently be feasible to expect trading venues to synchronise their clocks or time stamp events to a granularity which is less than nanoseconds. As a result, ESMA has proposed capping the granularity and accuracy requirements at the nanosecond level. ESMA is the European Securities and Markets Authority. Time accuracy below a nanosecond is not feasible in current technology - it’s a tough mark in a lab that is just measuring time....
(1438 days ago,(2015/04/14))

FSM Labs uploaded a media item titled ESMA granularity table (1438 days ago,(2015/04/14))

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2664 days ago,(2011/12/05) - FSM Labs


ESMA granularity table

FSM Labs 1438 days ago,(2015/04/14)