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Short Description: Fixnetix provides market data, trading access, liquidity venue connectivity and pre-trade risk management for Market Makers, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Proprietary Trading Houses globally.

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(1288 days ago,(2015/10/16))

Fixnetix wrote a new blog post titled Let's look towards technology to create a fair and effective marketplace

Written by Jack Davis, Marketing Executive at Fixnetix.  On the 10th of June George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, proclaimed that in the past the banks had been “part of the problem” but that going forward they were now to be “part of the solution”. The speech, given by Osbourne at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, was of course echoing the language and vision of the Fair and Effective Markets Review, a joint report issued by the Bank of England (BoE), HM Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), unveiled that same day by Mark Carney,...
(1388 days ago,(2015/07/08))

Fixnetix wrote a new blog post titled Guarding Against a Future Flash Crash

Written by Jason Mochine, Commercial Director at Fixnetix.   The technology is available but until we use it global markets remain at the mercy of the financial hounds. On the 6th May 2010 the Dow Jones Industrial Average index nose-dived by 6 per cent in just a few minutes. With no more warning, the Dow recovered nearly all of its earlier losses, leaving traders and regulators scratching their heads.  Navinder Singh Sarao is thought to have played a key role in this Flash Crash. Dubbed the “Hound of Hounslow” - a less voracious breed of canine than Wall...
(1445 days ago,(2015/05/12))


Founded in London in 2005, Fixnetix is a leading managed service provider for the global financial community. Over the last ten years, Fixnetix has built a reputation as an award winning international technology vendor, supplying outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting, infrastructure connectivity and risk management to prominent investment banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, start-ups and exchanges worldwide. 

Fixnetix was founded by three highly respected and expert members of the financial industry; Hugh Hughes, Paul Ellis and Alasdair Moore. Their extensive combined experience in investment banking, technology and prime brokerage has enabled Fixnetix to be in the forefront of developing and providing dynamic products and solutions to meet the ever changing requirements of the banking industry. 

At the core of the Fixnetix vision are the principles of efficient, effective and secure technology- which is why Fixnetix's iX-eCute microchip is one of the world’s fastest pre-trade risk systems, completing 20 pre-trade risk assessments in single digit microseconds.

Financial institutions are reliant on the flow of continuous and proficient data in order to succeed. Recognising this, Fixnetix has a team of highly skilled professionals offering 24/7 support to our clients whenever they need it. The team are equipped to cater to multiple asset classes including equities, futures, fixed income and foreign exchange. With some of the fastest infrastructure and the most robust trading and data systems available in the financial markets, Fixnetix is a Vendor of Record (VOR) as well as a Network Service Provider (NSP) for the majority of low-latency exchanges across the world. 


News: Fixnetix introduces iX-eCute Zero Latency – Next Generation Risk Control Hardware for Electronic Trading Community

1281 days ago,(2015/10/23) - Fixnetix

News: Fixnetix Introduces iX-eCute Zero Latency - Next Generation Risk Control Hardware for Electronic Trading Community

1282 days ago,(2015/10/22) - Fixnetix

News: CSC Finalizes Fixnetix Acquisition

1305 days ago,(2015/09/29) - Fixnetix

News: CSC Announces Agreement to Acquire Fixnetix, a Leading Managed Trading Solutions Provider

1353 days ago,(2015/08/12) - Fixnetix


The Architecture of iX-eCute

Fixnetix 1479 days ago,(2015/04/08)