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DINI Group created a new news channel titled Latest News from Dini Group (2470 days ago,(2012/06/19))


The DINI Group was formed in May of 1995. We started as a consulting organization specializing in FPGA and board-level design. We branched into ASIC design in 1998, with particular emphasis in PCI and PCI-X. Our standard products are the direct result of unmet FPGA-based product needs discovered in our consulting practice. At present we have 20 employees. We make big FPGA boards. The most common application for big FPGA boards is ASIC and SOC prototyping. Big FPGA boards in specialized configurations can be used to accelerate certain types of algorithms. In other configurations, large FPGA boards can be used for high frequency, low-latency trading. FPGA Prototyping is rapidly becoming a requirement due to the complexity and costs of ASIC tapeouts and spins. But FPGA boards required specialized teams to design and build. It is much easier and cheaper to buy off-the-shelf FPGA boards from those of us that already have that specialized set of skills.