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Digital Realty wrote a new blog post titled Going with the flows: the emerging market hub concept takes off

  On 27th October 2015, Digital Realty hosted a round table on the introduction of a new trad-ing concept: the emerging market hub. Historically, various emerging market exchanges have sought to turn themselves into regional hubs; but there have always been so many competing vested interests and complicating factors that such projects inevitably have disappointed. The new emerging market hub, however, links exchanges at a neutral site in a developed market ecosystem. It effectively will bring the market to the liquidity rather than the other way around. (For an in-depth article on the...
(1295 days ago,(2015/11/03))

Digital Realty wrote a new blog post titled New trading hubs a ‘game changer’ for emerging markets

  By Robert Bath, VP of Global Solutions   This post originally appeared at the Digital Realty Blog and is reproduced here with permission   It’s not every day a company gets to truly transform a market. Yet, with our newly announced partnership, Digital Realty is poised to do just that. In partnership with trading technology specialist GMEX Technologies Limited (GMEX Tech), we have plans to establish a network of emerging market trading hubs around the globe. The hubs will link far-flung trading exchanges to investors, providing real-time access to new sources of...
(1336 days ago,(2015/09/23))


News: Digital Realty to Enable Emerging Markets Trading Hubs

1337 days ago,(2015/09/22) - Digital Realty