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The Trading Mesh

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Short Description: Algorithm development, autonomous computing and AI-Machine Learning solutions, prediction engines, trading systems and OTC finance solutions

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Contact telephone: +91-9943768156

Joined: October 28th, 2015


We specialize in Prediction Engines, Algorithms, HFT trading systems, decentralized apps, FPGA design and development, Prediction markets and decentralized financial apps/smart securities powered by Blockstream Sidechains and Openchain. We arrange OTC equity finance and P2P loans for financing decentralized prediction markets and software/hardware product development.

We also develop trading bots, signal services, hedge fund clones, Sidechain-powered decentralized apps and prediction markets, Ripple and Stellar Gateways/Bridges, Interbank cross-currency settlement without using SWIFT, intrusion detection and linear/non-linear time series analysis tools for our clientswith the following features:

  • Rapid prototyping using Matlab-Simulink/Trading/System Identification toolboxes, IBM Bluemix and OpenACC
  • Data smashing algorithms, detectors and signal generators based on information entropy measurement
  • Time series / spectrum/Wavelet analysis.
  • Automated Forex Market Maker integrated with multiple fiat and crypto currencies
  • Hyperfast OTC Derivatives Settlement in 10 seconds
  • Trade signals based on filters, transformations and pattern detection.
  • Signal generation from data on external websites (VIX, CBOE).
  • AI algorithms and machine learning-planning and execution systems based on neural networks, support vector machines, fuzzy logic, pattern learning, decision trees and pattern synchronizations.
  • Applying parallel and GPU computing for time-efficient backtesting, linear/non-linear system identification, parameter identification and execution of strategies.
  • Trading with portfolios of algorithms and assets (including digital and crypto assets).
  • Money management with Markowitz or Optimal-F factors.
  • Stand-alone robot platforms or Expert Advisors for a third party platform
  • Peer-to-Peer financial apps and attack-proof decentralized cloud solutions
  • OTC Equity/Debt syndication for decentralized Prediction Markets
  • 2D/3D games targeting smartphones, gaming consoles, PCs and Macs
  • Enterprise Cloud environments - Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Database: SQL, MySQL, Neo4j and Oracle
  • Supported languages: C/C++, D, R and Clojure
  • Scripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery, ClojureScript

We can build, optimize and test your trading systems, market makers, trade/transaction settlement systems and signal services with serious test algorithms including parameter range robustness, rolling/anchored walk forward analysis, Monte Carlo and portfolio analysis. And besides, SWIFT wire transfers, we accept Bitcoins for all our services and solutions. Contact us!

Please visit  or email us at  to start a conversation.