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Short Description: Accelize provides FPGA-based, ultra low-latency programmable network interface cards for financial trading

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Accelize wrote a new blog post titled Leveraging FPGA-Enabled Acceleration Platforms For Financial Trading

An Interview with Stephane Hauradou, ACCELIZE 31st October 2102   Sponsored by ACCELIZE (   In this interview for HFT Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Stephane Hauradou, Vice President of ACCELIZE, a leading provider of FPGA-based technology for the Financial Services Industry.   HFT Review: Stephane, welcome to HFT Review. Can we start with an introduction to who you are and what you do at PLDA/ ACCELIZE?   Stephane Hauradou: Yes, thank you. I’m one of the founders of PLDA Group, which was created in 1996 and has evolved to...
(2331 days ago,(2012/10/31))

Accelize uploaded a media item titled Leveraging FPGA-Enabled Acceleration Platforms For Financial Trading (2331 days ago,(2012/10/31))


Accelize ultra low latency programmable network interface cards are built around its leading-edge FPGA accelerator cards. The platforms include a balanced combination of hardware, software, and intellectual property (IP) that enable easy implementation of ultra low-latency network data processing and high-performance computing inside the FPGA. 

Accelize FPGA NIC solutions are especially targeted at the financial services industry and are deployed in various trading environments. The platforms enable sub-microsecond latency market data processing and order execution and enable orders of magnitude superior performance for algorithmic trading (including options pricing and risk management) over conventional software-based and hybrid approaches.


News: Accelize Announces XP7V690LP-40G Ultra-Low Latency Adapter Card

2378 days ago,(2012/09/14) - Accelize

News: ACCELIZE announces XP5S620LP-40G low profile FPGA network accelerator card

2457 days ago,(2012/06/27) - Accelize


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