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Brief description: The Tradetech Blog on Equity Trading

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TradeTech Blog wrote a new blog post titled Less Than a Third of Asset Managers are Prepared for EMIR

With regulatory pressure on the increase, the entire financial industry is seemingly on tenterhooks to see just how these new directives from EMIR to MiFID II, Basel III to Dodd Frank, will pan out. The result of this uncertainty? Lack of preparation. According to a report from consultancy Celent titled ‘Impacts of EMIR for the Buy-Side: The Greater Good, But a Greater Cost’, less than one third of Asset Managers are prepared at the operational level for the changes in post-trade processing of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives in Europe being brought in by EMIR (the European...
(2205 days ago,(2013/05/07))

TradeTech Blog wrote a new blog post titled How to Prepare for New Financial Legislation

Financial companies need to constantly keep up to date with legislation in the sector or they could face strict financial punishment, along with potentially disastrous reputational damage. Bosses will be aware of MiFID II and the need to adjust their operations to stay within the new law, but it is crucial that they prepare for the regulation properly, taking into account all the amendments it will make to their operations. As part of the law, the scope of MiFID II will be extended to include more firms, such as commodity businesses, data providers and third country organisations....
(2227 days ago,(2013/04/15))

TradeTech Blog wrote a new blog post titled I’m an Asset Manager – Get Me out EMIR!

As the world moves beyond financial crisis finger-pointing and steams ahead towards relapse prevention it is clear that like it or not, new regulations in trading must be, and indeed are being applied. In particular there is a keen focus on OTC Derivatives and the need for them to go through a central clearing house with the intention of removing systemic risk, the chain reaction caused by a financial institution defaulting. Should that happen, the clearing house (CCP) would step in to ensure that the transactions with the involved counterparties were completed – effectively acting like...
(2234 days ago,(2013/04/08))

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Trading technology is evolving as quickly as the tape reels. To keep up, you need to engage with your community of asset managers and broker/dealers. Coincidentally, evolving technology makes it easier to do that, which has brought you to TradeTech Blog, a place where you can converse with your community, read, listen to and watch interviews with both the buy and sell side and follow important news and trends. It won’t take you away from your desk, and more importantly, all its content is 100 percent TradeTech certified.