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Short Description: Celoxica is at the forefront of hardware accelerated trading solutions

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Celoxica wrote a new blog post titled "There Can Be No Great Accomplishment Without Risk"

  By Antoine Rescourio     Within the last few years, firms operating in the equities and exchange-traded derivatives (ETD) markets have placed an increasing amount of focus on the area of pre-trade risk. Rules such as SEC 15c3-5, the ‘Market Access Rule’ introduced into the US securities markets in 2010, and the ESMA Guidelines released in Europe the following year, have led the way in requiring firms to run ‘in-line’ checks and controls around their electronic order flow.   Although these regulations initially placed something of a burden on...
(1330 days ago,(2015/09/03))

Celoxica bookmarked A Hybrid Approach to Market Data Feed Handling (1374 days ago,(2015/07/21))

Celoxica wrote a new blog post titled We must all reduce costs! (but at what cost?)

By Lee Staines Another week, another tier one bank announcing large redundancies. Another day, another article about how client service is king and therefore must be improved, but at a lower price point. Another meeting, another demand for technology usage to be more efficient while total cost of ownership is reduced. These are trying times indeed for technologists operating in the world of financial markets. IT directors are continuously pushed to reduce costs. While heads of business units, operating in an ever more competitive market, are under constant pressure to do more with...
(1389 days ago,(2015/07/06))


Accelerated Trading Solutions

Whether a proprietary trader, hedge fund or exchange, market data processing boundaries are being stretched to their limits. Never has there been a greater need to use the right technology to ensure the fastest method of accessing, understanding, distributing and responding to market conditions.

Celoxica’s accelerated solutions provide not only the lowest latency market data available today but also with a consistency in performance that only our hardware-based technology can provide.

Why Celoxica?

We have been at the forefront of advanced computing technologies for over ten years and are the leading provider of hardware accelerated products utilizing FPGA-based architectures, to the advanced, electronic trading community.

Why choose our solutions?

Celoxica offers the fastest, most deterministic trading & market data solutions with the lowest footprint, and at the right price. Our solutions include a full range of market data feed handlers for the main US and European Equities, Options and Futures exchanges. We deliver ultra-low latency market data access and order execution for the most demanding users.

Who are our clients?

Our clients believe that speed matters and that every microsecond counts. They are typically proprietary trading firms who co-locate (or proximity host) their high frequency trading environments. The largest proprietary trading firms and banks use our solutions to execute various strategies like Options and Equity Market Making, liquidity provision, algorithmic trading and smart order routing.

For more details please call us on +44 (0)1235 863656



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