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News: Quantitative Brokers’ best execution algorithms for futures and fixed income now available to the QuantHouse community

98 days ago,(2018/10/16) - QuantHouse

News: NovaSparks Announces its 4th Generation Ticker Plant

99 days ago,(2018/10/15) - NovaSparks

News: Demand Derivatives partners with GMEX Group

100 days ago,(2018/10/14) - GMEX Group

News: Scott Visconti joins Vela as CTO

111 days ago,(2018/10/02) - Vela

News: BSO becomes first global network provider to offer direct connectivity to BSE’s India INX

116 days ago,(2018/09/28) - BSO

News: VTFinTech partners with research portal Alphametry to roll out its MiFID II compliant research evaluation services

116 days ago,(2018/09/27) - VTFinTech

News: big xyt launches Liquidity Cockpit for ETFs

116 days ago,(2018/09/27) - big xyt

News: big xyt adds Double Volume Cap Dashboard to Liquidity Cockpit

123 days ago,(2018/09/20) - big xyt

News: VTFinTech Deploys Parity One on OpenFin’s Operating System

123 days ago,(2018/09/20) - OpenFin

News: Vela expands SuperFeed with additional Asia Pacific markets

125 days ago,(2018/09/19) - Vela

News: QuantHouse and Enyx introduce FPGA accelerated hardware as a service

125 days ago,(2018/09/19) - QuantHouse

News: Tourmaline Partners Enhances Web Reporting to Provide Buy-Side Clients with Greater Transparency of "Total Broker Spend"

125 days ago,(2018/09/19) - Tourmaline

News: BSO and Hoptroff bring new plug-and-play time-synchronisation service to market

125 days ago,(2018/09/19) - BSO

News: Vela completes rollout of latest version of Market Data Ticker Plant

131 days ago,(2018/09/12) - Vela

News: QuantHouse announces global access of QuantFEED for Cboe US equity and equity options

133 days ago,(2018/09/11) - QuantHouse

News: Vela partners with CoinMarketCap to include cryptocurrencies in SuperFeed

151 days ago,(2018/08/24) - Vela

News: Eze Software bolsters systematic trading support with Trade Informatics’ START

166 days ago,(2018/08/09) - Trade Informatics

News: USAVE Blockchain partners with GMEX Group to build secure digital exchange for physical gold

180 days ago,(2018/07/25) - GMEX Group

News: RSRCHXchange adds analyst interaction functionality to its research marketplace

188 days ago,(2018/07/18) - RSRCHXchange

News: McKay Brothers Reduces Latency on UK Metals Data

189 days ago,(2018/07/17) - McKay Brothers