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High Frequency Traders to Gather at HiFreq Trade 2011

February 22, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

Later this week, on Thursday 24th February, high frequency traders from UK and overseas will be gathering at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London, to attend the 2nd annual HiFreq Trade event.
Last year’s event was sold out with standing room only. This year should be even bigger and better according to the organisers, with 240 delegates already confirmed, 100 of whom are from the buy-side.
The program looks pretty comprehensive, with sessions focusing on...

Busting Through the Latency Wall

February 16, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) – the Need for Network Speed
By David Quarrell | Sponsored by OnX Enterprise Solutions
The unique demands of the HFT market are driving technologists to extraordinary lengths in their quest to be first in the race to zero. Like travelling at the speed of light, we know it’s impossible but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming. In the HFT market, we want to reduce the latency between bid/offer and placement to zero, motivating us to look...

European Regulation, High Frequency Trading and the Draft MiFID Review

February 15, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Dr Kay Swinburne, MEP
In this exclusive interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Dr Kay Swinburne, Conservative MEP for Wales. An ex-investment banker, Kay sits on the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee in the European Parliament and devotes much of her time to financial markets regulation in Europe. She drafted the report “Regulation of trading in financial instruments: dark pools etc” and had been...

2011 HFT Technology Trends

February 13, 2011 by David Quarrell   Comments (0)           

I had a chance to have a great conversation with Richard Churchill, Agilysys Vice President of Sales for Europe. Given that Agilysys has been working with High Frequency Trading (HFT) customers recently I asked Richard what three things he would tell a technologist new to HFT were the three most important things to consider.  He replied:  
Speed, Integrity and Security

Speed is the most important thing to consider. Getting the market data, matching orders and placing...

Notes from the Cisco LIVE 2011 Europe Conference

February 8, 2011 by David Quarrell   Comments (0)           

Cisco held its annual European customer conference, Cisco LIVE in London, January 31-February 3, 2011. As a delegate I had the chance to attend some really in depth and useful educational sessions hosted by Cisco experts. John Chambers, Cisco CEO and Chairman, kicked off the event with a keynote speech in which he highlighted that Cisco was changing its culture from “Command and Control” to collaboration. The reasoning is that C’n’C works well for physical...

HFT Pushes the Market Forward to Adopt Next Generation Technology

January 31, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Stephane Leroy
Sponsored by Quant House
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at technology vendor Quant House, an independent global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions.
At Quant House, Mr. Leroy is responsible for developing and executing the company sales and marketing strategies.
High Frequency Trading Review: Stephane, maybe we can start...

Systematic Trading and Quantitative Hedge Funds

January 24, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Dr Sonia Schulenburg
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Dr Sonia Schulenburg, CEO of Edinburgh-based trading technology firm Level E Limited, and the guiding light behind MAYA, a complete financial modeling and investment solution that analyses high-frequency financial data to provide intelligent and robust investment strategies. Level E Capital runs the MAYA Fund, an absolute return fund that employs a...

Outsourcing the Front Office, One-Wire Connectivity and Risk on a Chip

January 13, 2011 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Hugh Hughes and Bob Fuller
In this interview for the High Frequency TradingReview, Mike O’Hara talks to Fixnetix executives Hugh Hughes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Bob Fuller, Director.
Fixnetix provides outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting and infrastructure connectivity as well as risk management solutions to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.
High Frequency Trading...

HFT on the Cloud, Noise Filters and Traffic Monitoring

December 9, 2010 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Ken Yeadon
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Ken Yeadon, Managing Partner of Thematic Capital Partners LLP, a venture capital business specialising in the trading infrastructure space and the application of web 2.0 technology, SaaS and Cloud Computing to democratising access to professional investment resources. Mr. Yeadon is also a non-Executive director of Fixnetix Ltd, a leading provider of...

Market Surveillance, Liquidity Shocks and Regulation

December 2, 2010 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

An Interview with Natan Tiefenbrun
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Natan Tiefenbrun, Commercial Director of Turquoise, the pan-European MTF.
Natan has extensive expertise in the business and technology of electronic trading platforms and algorithmic trading, having spent 12 years with Instinet, managing the firm’s algorithmic trading, dark pool equity crossing, portfolio trading, execution...