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Developing New Strategies for More Sophisticated Customers – How Advisors Can Leverage the Cloud

March 14, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetIn the wake of the recent financial crisis, wealth management clients are more focused than ever on the value financial advisors deliver.  While portfolio performance has always been an important element in the calculation of value, customer service remains the most critical factor in retaining customer assets. And a fundamental component of customer service is developing highly customized investment strategies that better fit the needs increasingly skeptical, and often increasingly...

Reducing Market Data Expenses – How Custom Applications Can Supplant Market Data Terminals

March 14, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetAs investment management firms look to cut costs in today’s highly competitive environment, market data expenditures are an obvious target. One of the largest outlays within this cost center is market data terminals. The advent of market data terminals in the mid-1980s was a huge step forward, combining previously scattered market data into a single interface. However, this “one size fits all” approach is no longer in step with the diverging needs and budget concerns of investment...

Wealthfront – The Online Financial Advisor for the Tech Community

March 9, 2012 Comments (0)           

Tweet Our Customer Spotlight series showcases the innovative ways our clients are using Xignite’s Cloud APIs to power their applications. Wealthfront is an innovative new financial advisory service that addresses the needs of a new generation of tech-savvy investors who seek an alternative, low-cost approach to managing their investments. We recently sat down with Daniel Carroll, Wealthfront’s Co-Founder, to learn more about the Wealthfront service and approach. Q:  Tell us a little bit about...

Six Advantages of Developing Cross-Platform HTML5-based Financial Apps: Part 1

March 7, 2012 Comments (0)           

Tweet With the advent of smartphones and tablets, there has been a marked change in how people connect to the Internet. Consumers can now connect to the Internet, anytime, anywhere. As a consequence, many new mobile apps are being developed, while a number of traditional desktop/laptop-based apps are gradually getting ported to mobile. Financial service organizations have been measured in their transition to mobile apps. (To learn more about the evolution of mobile financial apps read our...

Transforming the Deluge of Market Data into an Investment Management Asset

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

Tweet In today’s highly volatile market environment, quality investment opportunities are hard to find and identifying and managing risk is more important than ever. Investment management firms are under pressure to broaden the scope of their research efforts to improve performance and to create new alpha-generating strategies. At the same time, managers need to better monitor existing holdings in order to maintain a comprehensive understanding of all factors that may negatively impact...

Top 5 Financial Technology Challenges Addressed by the Cloud

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetBuilding financial technology software has become an increasingly complex endeavor with the proliferation of operating systems and the intense demand for financial mobile apps. Financial technology firms are also being driven by rapid changes in the consumer software industry which has resulted in pressure for dramatically shorter development cycles. Now more than ever financial technology software firms need to focus on what they do best and seek to leave non-core activities to others. An...

Top 5 Financial Website and App Challenges Addressed by a Cloud-Based Market Data Solution

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetThe recent economic crisis and subsequent market downturn has spurred a significant number of retail investors to take a more active, hands-on approach to managing their investments. These investors are looking for new self-service financial resources to learn about the markets and to develop their own investing strategies. This trend is a boon for financial website and application developers targeting retail investors. Financial websites and applications serving this market are in high...

Simplifying Market Data Management – How Wealth Managers Can Better Handle the Market Data Explosion

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetMarket data is an integral component to critical wealth management systems across the front-, middle- and back-offices. From investment research to portfolio reporting, compliance and risk management to online customer portals, market data drives decision-making and provides enhanced transparency. Managing market data across all of these disparate systems has always been a challenge, but has become increasingly complex in recent years due to the explosive increase in the volume of market...

Top 5 Investment Management Technology Challenges Addressed by the Cloud

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetOne of the investment management industry’s most pressing issues is to better manage the ever-increasing deluge of market data. Key to this challenge is quickly and cost efficiently integrating market data into the growing number of end-user applications. A siloed approach where each department or group maintains its own market data solution is no longer feasible given the redundancies and overhead. Instead, to optimize transparency and rein in costs, firms must embrace a more holistic...

Top 5 Broker-Dealer Technology Challenges Crushed by the Cloud

March 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

TweetToday’s broker-dealers face an uncertain future with a highly competitive marketplace, lower trading volumes, and the prospect of dramatically more stringent regulation. In this challenging environment two themes remain constant: 1.) the need to offer superior customer service; and 2.) the need to control costs. The adoption of an on-demand market data cloud instantly benefits broker-dealers because it allows them to focus on what is important by addressing the top broker-dealer technology...