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May 23, 2017 Comments (0)           

How corporate initiatives are empowering women smallholder farmers in Malawi
Women smallholder farmers form the backbone of Malawi’s agricultural workforce, yet their average productivity per hectare still remains far lower than that of their male counterparts. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Nicola Tavendale of The Realization Group discuss with Hirander Misra of GMEX Group and FinComEco, Kristian Schach Møller of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE),...

The future of trade surveillance

May 12, 2017 Comments (0)           

Escalating regulatory obligations demand than financial market participants take a smarter, more proactive approach to spotting abusive trading patterns, with many looking to explore the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate monitoring and anticipate threats. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Chris Hall of The Realization Group hear from Certeco’s Nick Gordon, William Garner from Charles Russell Speechlys, Taras Chaban from Sybenetix, and Nasdaq’s...

Go with the Flow

April 18, 2017 Comments (0)           

Are financial firms ready for the data capture challenge?
In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The Realization Group look at the challenges facing the financial industry as firms prepare for new regulation requiring them to capture, store and provide far more trade-related data than ever before. No longer will transaction data be enough. Regulators want granular data on quotes and timestamps, presenting substantial technological issues in terms of scale and complexity. The new...

Keeping a watchful eye

February 24, 2017 Comments (0)           

Best practices for maintaining trade surveillance
Following the introduction of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) across the EU in July 2016, most firms will now have been through some kind of surveillance implementation program, putting in place safeguards to ensure against abusive or manipulative behaviour.
But this is only the start. Once the initial implementation phase is complete, things don’t stop there. The markets, the regulations and the business are all constantly changing. So...

Building the Future of Finance

February 20, 2017 Comments (0)           

In this article, Mike O’Hara, publisher of The Trading Mesh, examines the infrastructure needs for financial markets firms as use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning expand, with John Denheen of Tyler Capital, KPMG’s Robert Mirsky, Trade Informatics’ Aaron Schweiger, Sybenetix’s Taras Chaban, Jan Machacek of Cake Solutions, Michael Cooper of BT Global Banking and Financial Markets, Vincent Kilcoyne of SAS UK & Ireland and Verne Global’s Tate...

MiFID II creates cross-asset revolution across buy & sell side

February 15, 2017 Comments (0)           

The cross-asset nature of MiFID II will demand significant investment from the asset management and banking communities. In this article, Dan Barnes and Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group speak to Matthew Coupe of Barclays, James Baugh and Ashlin Kohler of Citigroup, Bob Fuller of Fixnetix, Glenn Poulter of Stratevolve and Ollie Cadman of Vela Trading Technologies about how firms are addressing the various cross-asset challenges of MiFID II in order to stay both compliant and...

Forex flows to the East

February 6, 2017 Comments (0)           

Foreign exchange trading has long been concentrated in the financial hubs of London, New York and Tokyo, but as major western markets face up to structural and macro-economic challenges, turnover is beginning to shift further to Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Joel Clark of The Realization Group discuss this with Jon Vollemaere of R5FX, Matthew Lempriere of Telstra, Julie Nicolas of The FX Hive, and James Maudslay of Equinix. They also examine the...

Harnessing RegTech to address culture & conduct in financial institutions

January 25, 2017 Comments (0)           

The evolution of RegTech has brought a wave of new providers and systems to market to help financial institutions deal with the wide-ranging new regulations they face, such as MiFID II. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Joel Clark of The Realization Group hear from Mark Tantam of Deloitte, Adrian Shedden of Burges Salmon, Geraldine Gibson of AQMetrics, Furio Pietribiasi of Mediolanum Asset Management and Sam Tyfield of Vedder Price. They agree that RegTech has a role to play in helping...

A Qualitative Approach to Best Execution

October 19, 2016 Comments (0)           

Buy-side firms are increasingly focused on finding qualitative ways of vetting their trading counterparties, with the advent of a new electronic order handling questionnaire marking a milestone in that journey. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Joel Clark of The Realization Group hear from Allan Goldstein of Trade Informatics, Paul Collins of Franklin Templeton Investments, Natan Tiefenbrun of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ross Barrett of the Investment Association and Mark Northwood of...

Under surveillance: Getting to grips with the new Market Abuse Regulation

September 30, 2016 Comments (0)           

In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The Realization Group look at how prepared financial firms are for reporting requirements under new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). Many firms that previously did not need to worry about market abuse – at least from a regulatory compliance perspective – now must put in place systems that will enable them to report to their local watchdogs any suspicious activity in near-real time. The regulation throws up a host of issues, from broad...