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The Trading Mesh

November 2015

[Video] Addressing Liquidity Issues in the Fixed Income Markets

November 30, 2015 Comments (0)           

Financial Markets Insights - Peter Fredriksson of Baymarkets, Stu Taylor of Algomi and Industry Consultant Jeremy Venables speak to Mike O'Hara of The Realization Group about the current state of liquidity in the Fixed Income markets, and how technology is being used to address some of the problems facing both the buy side and the sell side.http://www.baymarkets.comhttp://www.algomi.com

Digital transformation - when business & technology go hand in hand

November 27, 2015 Comments (0)           

In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The Realization Group explore opportunities for financial services firms to undergo digital transformation, a concept some companies have thus far been slow to embrace. The benefits are proven in other sectors, but banks and other financial firms have been cautious about adopting many of the new technologies that make transformation possible. What’s holding them back, how can they overcome those hurdles and what advantages can...

[Video] Emerging Markets Trading Hubs - Bringing the Market to the Liquidity

November 23, 2015 Comments (0)           

Financial Markets Insights - Robert Bath of Digital Realty, Hirander Misra of GMEX Technologies and Stuart Turner of Avenir Technology speak to Mike O'Hara about a radical new concept in trading: The Emerging Markets Trading Hub.By linking far-flung exchanges from a neutral site in a developed market location, The Emerging Markets Trading Hub essentially brings the market to the liquidity rather than the other way around, revolutionising the relationship between venues and the investors who...