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Back Office Warned to “Mind the Gap”

February 13, 2018 Comments (0)           

Written by Paul Fermor - UK Solutions Director for Software AG
The post-trade landscape is in desperate need of transformation; the technology that underpins it has reached a critical point in terms of cost, capacity and complexity. It is fraught with risk.
Consequently, banks and infrastructure providers need to initiate transformation - either without impacting legacy technology, or with a view towards wholesale replacement. In other words, they need to “mind the...

Round table report - Embedding AI & Machine Learning in Financial Services

July 10, 2017 Comments (0)           

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already embedded in tools, including anti-fraud systems, chatbots and security software. At some point in the future it will become so commonplace it will fade into the background, according to attendees at the roundtable ‘Naturally Intelligent’ held by Realization Group and Software AG on 7 June 2017. However, with regard to financial services, many impediments to operationalising AI must be addressed before ubiquity can be achieved.
Firstly, firms...

Houston, We are Not Aware of a Problem

March 7, 2017 Comments (0)           

This article originally appeared at Beyond B2B and is reproduced here with permission
By Simon Vincent

To make robo-advisory work in your firm you need a digital culture, not a digital makeover.

The five-year-old boss I have at home (my son) wants to fly to the moon. I was told we were going to build a rocket ship. You do not argue with the boss. I took what we had and, based on what the boss wanted, we built “Rocket...

Data, Data Everywhere, nor any Knowledge to Gain

October 27, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
The management, retention and reporting of huge data volumes is so onerous that many financial services firms are missing out on the value of this data; they are awash in a sea of data with nothing to drink. 
Banks are dealing with ever increasing volumes of data, from trading data to communications and social media, coming from many different sources, in many different formats, residing in different silos. Regulations insist that they retain this data for...

Capital Markets Firms Embrace Cloud Transformation

October 17, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
Cloud adoption in capital markets is gathering momentum, led by the increasing acceptance of the cloud by regulators as well as cost cutting at financial services organizations. 
Indeed, regulators themselves are some of the enthusiastic adopters. Earlier this year the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) decided to host its MiFID II transaction reporting system in the cloud and then, in July, published new guidance on cloud adoption.


How to Manage Your IT Spaghetti

September 29, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
Achieving digital transformation becomes more complicated in large banks which are siloed in nature, have evolved and grown through acquisitions and have many legacy systems – or IT spaghetti.
Maintenance of these IT systems consumes resources and budgets that can impede a firm’s ability to innovate, slowing down business transformation. So getting an accurate picture of your as-is spaghetti, or current architecture and business processes, is a...

CFTC Rules: Preventing the Rise of the Cybermen

September 14, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently finalized a set of cyber security rules, designed to help safeguard its systems from breaches; but worries about hacking and possible terrorism remain.  
There have long been concerns that Cyberman-like terrorists or hackers could compromise the world’s financial markets by attacking exchanges or banks. On numerous occasions, the CFTC has stated that cyber security is the single biggest...

Fitting Blockchain into the Technology Puzzle

August 5, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
Fitting the blockchain piece into an organization’s technology puzzle is going to require both business and technology transformation. 

Key to any such transformation is going to be in understanding the current IT architecture and being able to visualise where and how the blockchain piece fits in, as well as what systems are going to be affected. Existing business processes will also need to be understood, enabling effective planning and risk...

Smart Contracts are not smart by nature!

July 29, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
My previous blog on smart contracts highlighted how they could create efficiencies in trade affirmation/confirmation and throughout the trade lifecycle. However there are still many open questions and concerns about how smart contracts operate in the real world.

How do you see and understand the finer details of a smart contract when the terms of the contract are expressed in code? For example, if you are trading bonds using a smart contract how do you find...

Smart Contracts Frame Blockchain Discussion

July 25, 2016 Comments (0)           

By Nigel Farmer
As blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, makes regular headlines it is becoming clear that many discussions on its use in financial services center around so-called smart contracts. 

Barclays recently tested a way to trade derivatives using smart contracts with the Corda blockchain-style technology from bank consortium R3.  Barclays created an electronic document whose fields could be pre-populated with certain values agreed by the...