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Is RegTech your differentiator?

March 7, 2019 Comments (0)           

Mike O'Hara, Partner, The Realization Group
To capitalise on investment in compliance-related technology, firms need to act strategically. How can 'RegTech' be leveraged to drive business growth?
Since the global financial crisis, banks have been fined a total of more than $350 billion for various regulatory infractions. Add in the lost opportunity costs associated with those fines and the reasons behind them and it is not hard to see why regulatory compliance is so high on...

Let the Data Flow

February 6, 2018 Comments (0)           

By Mike O’Hara, The Realization Group and George Andreadis, TreoTrade
Data is becoming increasingly important in the new economy and has been called the world’s most valuable resource. So how can we help financial services firms unlock this value?
Legacy systems
Over the last two decades or so, as banks and asset managers have tried to put systems and processes in place to build business value, their legacy technologies have often been a limiting factor, in particular because of...

Navigating the new market landscape: it all starts with the data

April 4, 2017 Comments (0)           

This blog originally appeared on the Napatech website and is reproduced here with permission
In the world of fin tech, data capture has never exactly been the sexiest area of development.
That title tended to be reserved for areas such as low latency solutions, analytics, or even risk management. But as market participants ready themselves for a new wave of trading rules, and as competition among cutting edge trading firms has shown no sign of abating, the importance of data...

Tech Debate from the Trading Show Chicago [Video]

August 24, 2012 Comments (0)           

I came across an interesting video on YouTube this morning. Filmed at Terrapin's Trading Show Chicago earlier this year, it is a panel session moderated by Daryan Dehghanpisheh, Global Director of Financial Services & Institutions at Intel, featuring Arzhang Kamerai of Tradeworx, John Goode from the Boston Options Exchange, John Page from On Trading and Larry Pitcher, Managing Partner of Quantorithms Fund.
Some good insights, worth watching.


Useful Video from Nanex on Facebook IPO Opening

May 25, 2012 Comments (0)           

I just came across this video today, posted by Eric Hunsader of Nanex, which shows graphically what happened with the Facebook IPO on Nasdaq last Friday. It makes for interesting viewing:

Here's Eric's own description of what's happening in the video:

Watch Nasdaq's quote (first box to appear - 10 o'clock). Note the crazy bid prices are higher than the equally crazy ask prices. After trading opens, Nasdaq's quote will start turning red when it's no longer eligible to set the NBBO. Watch...

Upcoming Panel Session on News Analytics and News-Based Trading

March 19, 2012 Comments (0)           

This Thursday evening, I’ll be moderating The Mankoff Company’s “After the Bell” panel discussion on News-Based Trading, at the Grange Holborn Hotel in London.
The use of unstructured news-based information in trading algorithms is a fascinating topic, and one that is gaining an increasing amount of attention among investment firms looking for new ways to capture alpha.
But the whole process of taking unstructured, language-based sources and feeding them into...

Report from OnX FIX Consortium Breakfast Briefing

March 16, 2012 Comments (0)           

Last week, I had the honour of chairing a breakfast briefing hosted by OnX Enterprise Solutions, to discuss the results of a piece of research they recently did with a consortium of leading IT vendors, which looked at the performance of various FIX engines through a real-world, highly optimised technology stack.
The briefing was well-attended with 60+ people in the room (who can’t all have been there just for the free sausage & bacon rolls!).
David Quarrell of OnX - who I’m...

The Economist HFT Debate

March 8, 2012 Comments (0)           

There's an interesting debate going on over at The Economist website at the moment: This House Believes that HFT Contributes to the Overall Quality of Markets.
Chief defender of the motion is Jim Overdahl, Vice-president, Securities and Finance Practice, National Economic Research Associates.
Leading the opposition is Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO, Liquidnet.
As of today (Thursday 8th March 2012), only 37% have voted in favour of the motion, with 63% against. It will be...

HFT Panel Moderation in London

November 16, 2011 Comments (0)           

As the publisher of the HFT Review, some interesting opportunities come my way, including being asked to moderate industry panel sessions on HFT and algo trading-related topics.
I enjoy moderating panels at industry events because it gives me the opportunity to meet and talk with some really interesting people. Quite a few of the experts I've interviewed on this site are people I've met at such sessions.
There are two events happening in London in the next couple of days where I'll be...

Proposed Algorithmic Trading Obligations Under MiFID II – What Are the Implications?

October 14, 2011 Comments (6)           

I finally managed to get hold of the latest “final” draft of MiFID II (195 pages) and MiFIR (59 pages) yesterday. Various versions of these documents have been floating around the City in recent weeks, but I’m reliably informed that what I’m looking at is pretty close to the official version due to be released next week, some time between the 17th and 21st October.
One clause that’s causing much consternation in the HFT & algo trading community is an article...