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European Principal Traders Association

Tue, 05 Jul 2011 01:43:00 GMT           

I’ve been reading quite a bit in the press recently about the newly formed FIA European Principal Traders Association (EPTA), which is a European-based lobby group designed to help proprietary trading firms get their voices and opinions heard by the European legislators.

The EPTA is a subsidiary of the Futures Industry Association, and you can find their website at Last year, a similar group, the FIA Principal Traders Group, was established in the United States and has been in close contact with the SEC and the CFTC; recommending risk controls for trading firms, responding to the joint SEC/CFTC report on the May 6th Flash Crash, supporting the CFTC’s co-location proposals, etc. There are some good resources on the FIA PTG’s website, which are well worth checking out.

So will the EPTA be as active and work as closely with policy makers, legislators and regulators? It’s too early to say yet, but given the rapidly changing landscape of market structures in Europe, there are plenty of things for the group to focus on.

I must say that given the stated mission of the FIA EPTA is to supporttransparent, robust and safe markets (my italics), I was a little surprised to discover that there’s no membership list on the EPTA website (unlike the US-based PTG, which lists 27 member firms on its site).

However, I understand the EPTA membership includes the following firms. There may be others that I’m not aware of, so please feel free to send me details of any member firms not listed here.

Chopper Trading, LLC
Citadel Securities Europe Ltd.
DRW Investments (UK) Ltd
Flow Traders B.V.
Getco Europe Limited
Hudson River Trading Europe Ltd
IAT International Algorithmic Trading GmbH
IMC Trading B.V.
Jump Trading International Ltd
Knight Capital Europe Limited
Mako Group
Optiver VOF
Positive Equity Ltd.
Quantlab Financial, LLC
RGM Trading Europe Limited
RSJ a.s.
Spire Europe Limited
Sun Trading International Limited
XR Trading LLC

I’m hoping to set up an interview with one of the Executive Committee in the not too distant future, to find out a bit more about the group and its aims, so watch this space.


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