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Video: Panel Discussion from Future Trading, London

December 11, 2012 Comments (0)           

At the recent FUTURE CITY event in London focused on trading technology, Nigel Woodward hosted a lively panel discussion that covered topics such as accurate trade monitoring, virtualisation, kernel bypass and hypervisor bypass in NICs, and how technology can help with regulation.
The Panel:
- Corvil - Donal Byrne, CEO - Solarflare - David Riddoch, Chief Archtect - OnX - Richard Churchill , Head of EMEA Operations- VMWare - Lance Berc, CTO Office- Mellanox - Richard Hastie, Director,...

Video: Ken Yeadon on control systems, feedback loops and adaptive knowledge capture

December 7, 2012 Comments (0)           

At a recent FUTURE CITY event in London focused on trading, Ken Yeadon, CEO of Thematic Group, gave a very though-provoking keynote presentation entitled "Trading’s evolving next generation? - control systems, feedback loops, adaptive knowledge capture".
Drawing on parallels between global transport systems and the financial markets, Ken looks at how intelligent regulation based upon new types of data input and controls, drawing upon the market's collective abiltity to anticipate, manage...

Research Report: 10GbE Low Latency Networking Technology Review

October 29, 2012 Comments (0)           

Finteligent Trading Technology Community (FTTC) is a body focussed on understanding and promoting various technologies which are at the heart of Financial Trading. The periodic research reports which are released by this community are designed to provide a balanced review of the performance of technologies promoted for use in trading. This is the second such report, the first being a review of the performance of FiX engines in the trading environment. An upcoming research report will focus on...

Finteligent TTC Social Media Hub is Launched

October 26, 2012 Comments (0)           

Earlier this week the launch of the Finteligent Trading Technology Community (FTTC) Social Media Hub was announced.
Located at, the hub is designed to serve as a central point for information, commentary and discussion around trading technology and architecture. As such, it is likely to be highly relevant to readers of HFT Review.
The initial group of member firms participating in FTTC consists of Intel, OnX, Etrading Software, Rapid...