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Java Without the Jitter - Achieving Ultra-Low Latency

April 10, 2013 Comments (0)           


Modern messaging, trading, and reporting systems require extremely low latencies, in the range of a few milliseconds, to meet customer expectations and strict service level agreements. This is in contrast to online commerce or other human-facing systems that can tolerate response times of a few full seconds. For most low latency systems requirements continue to get even tighter – just a fewyears ago ultra-low latency systems were those below 100 milliseconds, now they...

How to Maximize Java Application Performance in a Trading Environment

April 2, 2013 Comments (6)           

An interview with Scott Sellers, President, CEO & Co-Founder Azul Systems
(2nd April 2013)
In the world of latency-sensitive trading and HFT, we often focus on how performance can be improved at the hardware layer, for example via hardware FPGA/GPU acceleration or high-speed networking components. But what about the software stack?
In this interview, we speak with Scott Sellers, President, CEO & Co-Founder of Azul Systems, about how application performance in a Java...