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BSO wrote a new blog post titled Agility and Ability: Seizing new opportunities in FX
Today’s FX market is almost entirely unrecognisable from the industry it was a mere four or five years ago. By Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO In a very short space of time, we have seen the dominance of tier-one banks effectively challenged by the rise of leading electronic FX network providers such as EBS BrokerTec, Thomson Reuters or FastMatch. By having established a presence in the key three global FX trading centres – London, New York and Tokyo – and offering low latency connectivity between these hubs, they are increasingly attracting lucrative flow from algo and HFT...
341 days ago,(2018/04/13)
BSO wrote a new blog post titled Searching for Handsome Returns – Can Turkey Still Deliver?
Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO Network Solutions As is customary in the ongoing search for profit opportunities, high frequency traders often look to emerging markets to leverage a country’s surging growth. However, while returns can be attractively high, traders should always keep a wary eye on whether a fledgling economy risks taking a tumble, which could lead to gains being eroded in a short space of time. Turkey has stood out among these emerging economies in recent years. In 2011, its GDP grew by 8.8%, while the previous year’s growth was an impressive 9.2%. However, just as the...
1275 days ago,(2015/09/22)
BSO created a new news channel titled Latest News from BSO Network Solutions 2204 days ago,(2013/03/07)